June 8, 2013

The Men of Lomond

Friday, when I left for work I took a look at what was going on in the little village I live in.

Early in the morning men from the neighbourhood were already busy putting up the posts and cable surrounding the school yard.  As I drove further down Centre Street, I saw that there were another few men busy redoing the small playground area in the middle of our small village.

By the time I got home that night, I saw that the school yard was already completed and it appeared that there were new goal posts in the playing field.  Now I could be wrong because I'm not very good at determining what was removed or replaced but that's what it looked like to me.  Perhaps one of the people in town will actually let me know what was done if I bring myself around to asking.

My neighbour was telling me how quietly the men in the schoolyard worked doing the improvements.  She commented on how they had stopped working from 12 to 1 and when they returned they continued to work so quietly that she was able to put her son down for his nap without being concerned that he wouldnt be able to sleep.

As for the playground, let me tell you about that.  For all the years I have lived in this small community, the playground although it has been worked on, has had limited equipment but now.......what a difference!  The children now have "state of the art" playground equipment.  So much so that I wouldn't mind being a kid again just to try it out.  (One never really knows.  Maybe one of these nights someone will look out their window only to see an adult taking advantage of  the playground.  But that's only IF they are seen......lol)

I am so very impressed by the men in our community.  They seem to always band together to not only make improvements to the school and playground, but to take the time to think about the younger ones.  Both the ones growing up now and those in the future will benefit from their shared efforts.

To all those men, who took the time to bring a little joy to the little ones, I tip my hat and express my gratitude for people such as yourselves.  What would the village do without you?

Kudo's to you all!