January 1, 2013

Exit 2012, Enter 2013

As 2013 approached and I contemplated my impending retirement this summer I wondered if it was time to make some resolutions to carry and work at in this new year. 

I have never been someone who makes resolutions for each new year but for some reason I realized this just might be the time to start.  It seemed it was time for me to assess myself and make some life altering changes; changes that would become part of who I was, am and will be.  Although I have known for some time that I am an old soul, I received confirmation of this about the same time I had made some interesting decisions for my future.  One of them was to shed all the negative forces from my existence past, present and future.  

I was given insight into the fact that, until I shed these destructive beliefs and until I learned to herald in all the positives, I would not be able to open myself and relish in all the pleasure and joy that has been, is and  will be part of all that I am. 

What I found interesting was that once I decided on my course of action, I received an invitation to attend a healing Peruvian Fire Ceremony from a meet-up healing group I belong to.  I had received numerous invitations but for one reason or another never got involved in any of the meetings.  This time the invitation fit perfectly in line with what I was looking for.

Because the Fire Ceremony was something new to me I would do a little research to learn what the purpose of the fire ceremony was and what the procedures were for this ancient practice.  After learning that I could write down, on paper, all the things that I wanted to eliminate and burn in the fire, I composed a list.

So, today January 1, 2013, I began my journey to being all I am.  I am equipped with the knowledge of how to bring forth my shining light to share and surround with those I can experience positive energy with.  This enjoyable ceremony left me to no longer reflect on unpleasant experiences.  Instead, I know I opened the door to bring together all the positives from my past, present and future. 

What a wonderful feeling it is!  I know I am only feeling the beginnings of the pleasure I am about to experience.  The full impact will take some time and dedicated practice.  I know that there is a plethora of many things yet to come.  Everything I need will come in its own time.   

My insight is an exceptionally long life, one that will span years into the future.  I will be given the opportunity  to experience things that are only being dreamed about.  By opening myself with the newness of this experience I am, once again, Lila On Life.