July 1, 2011

Canada Day 2011!!!! Yeah!!!!

Well here we are! It’s July 1, 2011n and the country is getting ready to celebrate Canada’s Birthday! Yeah!!!!

The little village I live in celebrates Canada Day with a gathering of the community and a fireworks display. I must say that over the years these displays have become increasingly well executed and displayed. I have never gone to the gathering, which is held in the open field which I presume is part of the campground. I’m not too sure, maybe I should ask?!

I usually watch the fireworks from my front deck…..oops! Can’t do that this year because I took down my deck and the only thing left if the last two feet of it. I don’t want to take that down though because I haven’t prepared anything to replace it with as yet.

I have been advertising for a handy person to share my place with. I’m willing to reduce the rent for the help. Recently the guy who came to see about the room came back and suggested a fix for my roof. However, I’ve thought it over and am going with my original plan.

I have been advertising in this small newspaper called The Buy, Sell or Wanted is distributed to many of the small rural communities in southern Alberta linking these communities together. Check it out!

I am planning a trip to Thunder in the Valley 2011 again this year! It is a FANTASTIC fireworks display with music during the Rum Runner Days, a yearly Crowsnest Pass event.

For all the years I’ve lived in Alberta I only heard about this event about three years ago. The first time I went was in 2009 with a group of people I knew and it was a great time. Street vendors, carnival, car show, parade. A great weekend happening!

Last year I planned to go but then my van’s transmission broke down and the thunder in the valley was too far away for me to see….lol The ideal would be to go by MC but I don’t have one and don’t know anyone who would take me as a passenger, so I go it with my dog Moe in my 1987 Plymouth Reliant Queenie.

Needless to say, whatever should come, it’s just a walk through life with Lila!