May 30, 2011

Good, Bad or Indifferent!

Well here I am on my first day of being able to enjoy some sunshine. Sometime I wonder. It has been a long hard time of rain. I need to get a new blade for my lawn mower. I didn’t realize how long it was.

One good thing was that the nut that holds it on was easy to undo. Boy was the cutting edge in rough condition. Sure can tell how many rocks have been hit and sheared by the poor pitted and bent blade. I don’t think this one is even salvageable. If it was I’d get a new edge put on it but even then it’s what I would consider disposable.

Took a look at the tires on the car too. It’s a wonder I haven’t had a flat because the steel belt is sticking out of the rubber. This is my indication that I definitely need to get myself some new rubber and probably, to say the least, a wheel alignment. Where are all the mechanics in my life when I need them? As I understand it, the least the car needs is a wheel alignment. It’s just another expense in my, “Oh so limited income.” Maybe some day my income will equal my necessities. (lol)

What a mess I created in my front yard when I tore out my deck and decided to redo it. I thought I would be able to reuse some of the material I tore off and I’m sure I can even though a great amount of my times will be spent in preparing these materials for reuse. If it were possible, when I redo the deck I will extend it to the front of the house and also add a roof over it. Then I could eventually add a wall here, insulation there and I now have an addition. Or that’s the way I hope things will turn out. (lol)

Just couldn’t believe the number of nails that were holding the 2 x 4’s to the frame. Every inch there were 2 nails. In order to use these 2 x 6’s I will have to pull out every nail. If I didn’t have to consider the costs of buying new material then I wouldn’t even worry about the material I have removed. I would just cut and measure. The only other thing that I would appreciate is if I received some help with the project. Much as I would appreciate it, I’m almost positive it will never happen. That way I could get it done easier and faster.

Where people friendlier way back when? I’ve heard and read stories about when a barn needed raising all the neighbours came and pitched in. It wasn’t just family that pitched in either because it was considered the neighbourly thing to do. Why are people so afraid of helping out another human being in this day and age? Could it be that movies and the media have made people more mistrustful of each other? With the technology we use these days, people should have come closer together instead of farther apart.

What makes people think that the less we interact or socialize with each other the better. What is this world coming to? What has happened to human kindness and decency? Have people really become so “me” oriented that they have no time for their fellow man?

How can we (meaning all people) find peace and understanding with one another if we are too afraid to even get to know or help your neighbour? To think that I have lived in this small community for over 12 years now and people have seen me struggle with the immensity of the task.

If someone came and offered me help I would probably be so surprised I would “just fade away and die!” (lol) I guess that’s the joy of living in a small family community where everyone grew up and married from within the community. Because I wasn’t born and raised here then I just don’t fit in. How does that make me feel? Good, bad or indifferent it really doesn’t matter because that’s just Lila On Life!