July 28, 2016

Eats from Weeds

Last night, after spending most of the day out in the hot prairie sun, working on reducing the weed population in my yard, (dandelions being the worst culprits).  I remember hearing that these sun-loving pesky perennials can be eaten.  Were you aware that these weeds can be just as beneficial to our bodies as they can be a nuisance to control.  

There are a number of good recipes on the internet so I decided:  Why not try at least one recipe since I had an abundance of dandelions a my disposal.  I learned that the young leaves are the best because they have not had the time to develop bitterness.  Don't give up yet, because even the large older leaves still have a use and can be preserved for future consumption.  

So early in the morning I went out into my yard looking for the youngest and smallest dandelions.  Within a half hour I found enough dandelion greens (leaves) to make a salad.  

I was naturally hesitant about this new food adventure but I proceeded to wash, dry and break the leaves into bite sized pieces, make an oil and vinegar dressing with spices of my pleasing.  To get the full flavour of the greens I did not add any other regular salad ingredients even though it can be made like any other salad.  Follow this link to my Dandelion Greens Salad recipe.  

The taste was phenomenal!  It was far beyond my expectations so I know I will make more.  I will also be freezing some so that I can enjoy the benefits of dandelion even in the winter.    

For those of you who will be brave enough to give it a try, let me know what you think.    

Happy weed eating......LOL